Angel Soltero has been in the Beauty Industry for the majority of her life, first starting out as a salon assistant at age 12 and later receiving her Cosmetology and Esthetics licenses. Here she describes her passion in her own words:

“I always thought that the beauty industry would just be a stepping stone to help pay my way through college--and it did.  However, I developed so much respect and passion for the industry and making people feel their best--that after graduating from College and entering into the Corporate-America world, I continued my passion and what I love doing in California; and now in New York/New Jersey area.

I fell in love with the relationships I had built with my guests and the way I could instantly make their day by delivering a service which made them feel better about themselves when leaving my chair/room--than when they had arrived.  The relationships I developed with these incredible people was priceless--and was so much rewarding than my corporate job.

I then branched out to learn from other artist by working for free backstage on runway, film and television shows/commercials--and then fell in love with making the director's/designers'/artists' vision's come to life. And so, I figured out a way to take what I love doing and make a living from it.  

I still wake up everyday in awe knowing that I get to do what I love--I get to make visions' come to life. Making my clients visions come to life is not a job, it's my passion, it's my life, it's my happiness.

Thank you for taking time to get to know me. I hope I can meet and service you soon.

With love & style,
Angel Soltero”

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