Brooklyn native Gil Torres started his creative journey with design and editorial fashion photography, before transitioning into multimedia textile work and cultural critique. Exploring what he refers to as “Omni-Texturalism”, Torres travels the world exploring the interplay between fabric and textiles in both everyday life and high fashion. 

In his photographic works, Torres attempts to capture the dichotomy of high culture and the masses through a documentation of consumer choices. How does economic disparity, consumerism, and human behavior dictate the fabric and textiles we choose to drape on our bodies and in our homes? Torres’ staged photos are juxtaposed with his extemporaneous street imagery. What do our clothing choices say to the passerby? What do we glean from the fabric choices of the polished 9-5 business person crossing a busy New York intersection in Midtown? He also captures the unfortunate thread of homeless people in our urban streets - wearing, recycled rags? These are questions Torres seeks to answer as he documents materialism and economic inequality in our consumer society. 

Gil Torres is currently working on the process of rebranding one’s armor, kind of a metamorphosis. How do you protect yourself, thru materials to have a balanced life and away from the chaos of this world. He works one fabric at a time, thru couture techniques using light and dense fabrics; performing a rite of passage. As a fabric artist - Gil melds draping, sewing, and hardware appliqué; balancing values of feminine and masculine silhouettes; Creating a new form of non-binary beauty or a plastic dream. We need our illusions to get thru Life. His goal is to repackage stillness, as a ritual letting the fabric perform not the human. 

Mr. Torres studied Art and Design at Parsons & FIT. He currently works in NYC, and resides in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

Gil - Fabric Art

Gil - Fabric Street Talker, photo series